Harbor Reef Surf Resort

Discover Nosara

Off the beaten path and far from the nearest paved road, Nosara has a small town feel mixed with an unmistakable sense of Pura Vida.  It is a local fishing and agricultural center with a large expat community, and it has long been a destination for people seeking a place out of the ordinary. Unlike other coastal communities in the country, there is almost no beach development because of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, which protects the nesting populations of Olive Ridley and Leatherback sea turtles.

A Surf Capital

Warm water mixing with long beach breaks make Guiones Beach the ideal location for some of the world’s best surfing. Aficionados flock to Guiones for the quality and consistency of the surf. And while the waves beckon year ‘round, during October and November, the surfing is more challenging…and a bit more rewarding for the experienced long boarder.

World Class Yoga

For a vitalizing and life expanding experience of studying and practicing yoga, few places on the planet equal Nosara.  The community attracts experienced teachers and practitioners from around the world.